Dear Parents and Visitors,

Welcome to the 59th season of Pine Crest Day Camp! What an exciting summer we have planned for your child, and in attempt to make you feel like a part of it too we have put together this informative publication. If your children are anything like our own we know that each evening your camper will be sitting at the dinner table telling you all about their camp adventures of the day. We already know that the main characters in many of the stories will be our counselors, and so we are hoping that this online yearbook will help you put a “face to a name.”
Before looking through the yearbook in “meeting” the key counselors you’ll be interested to know that we have made every effort to fill our staff with impressive young people will be wonderful role models for your child. All of our senior staff members who are featured under the tab Senior Staff range in age from 19 to 30 and have completed a minimum of one year of college. Many are actually in the last stages of their college careers and somehow already entered the early stages of their professional careers. A huge number of the seniors have come through our own training program as well as our junior counselor program and most have a cumulative an average of six years on staff right here at PCDC. We even sponsor our own decade club featuring staff who have served with us for 10 years or more!
Members of our junior staff, featured under the tab Junior Staff, are considered “second-in-command” in the cabin groups or in our activity areas they are all impressive students and citizens ranging in age from 16 to 19 years old, representing the local high schools throughout Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties.
Although this yearbook does not feature of the students in our Counselor-In-Training program, you might find it interesting to know that the Pine Crest Day Camp training program is well respected among the southern states camping community. In fact it is here at the entry level, that we begin to “grow our own counselors” and turn them into the polish counselors of our future.
Please sit back enjoy our PCDC online Yearbook. We hope that you are as impressed with our wonderful staff as we are.
Julie Gomez, Director
Pine Crest Day Camp