No Power, No problem


Our family and friends of PCDC were all in our thoughts during recent events. While we were at home during the hurricane, we came up with a list to share with you. Hurricane season is still upon us, and it is best to always be prepared. If your kids are stuck inside and there is no power, we know everyone can start to get a big stir crazy! We have some suggestions based on our amazing camp activities of things you can do with your children indoors throughout a power outage OR if you have to evacuate your situation, this box will be prepped and ready,  you just have to grab and go!

First, be prepared. Get a box or bin and label it “Power Outage Kids Activities.” In here you can keep many of these items and truly be ready to go in those moments. In some situations, it may be fun to have your children help you prepare these boxes. We also suggest putting a list of activities in the box, can be used as a checklist of things for them to do when they open it. This preparation will also help you immensely,  so you can focus your energy on getting gas, food, putting shutters up, etc. T his will take something off your plate during the chaos of hurricane prep. It also is good to have handy in case of a power outage on a normal day or when you may have to evacuate. Win, win all around!

Next, go shopping! There are some necessity items (will have a * next to them), then some optional items. Remember you may already have some of these items at home and think you could just get them out as needed, but TRUST US it is better to have everything you want in one place.

  • Batteries* (have some in their box as well as your own household preparation box)
  • Flashlights* (recommend both handheld and headlamp)
  • Lantern*
  • Baby wipes*
  • Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate
  • Glow sticks
  • Socks, buttons, batting, googly-eyes, rubber bands, poms
  • Paper
  • Pencils/Crayons/Markers
  • Coloring books
  • Bracelet/Lanyard String
  • Craft sticks, glue
  • Rocks, acrylic paint
  • mini white boards and markers
  • Newspaper
  • Board Games
  • Origami Book and paper
  • Madlibs book
  • Books
  • Puppets
  • Portable Radio and CDs
  • Portable DVD Player and DVDs
  • Puzzles
  • Cards
  • Empty plastic bottles and a ball
  • Golf putter, golf ball and plastic cup

3. Last, make a list of activities and put items into the box! Keep the items organized and you may even want to put things in zip-lock bags and label them. Make sure your kids understand that this is their emergency box and cannot be opened unless the power goes out. We at PCDC fill our summer with tons of fun activities, we have indoor and outdoor activities. Many on the list below come from some of our favorite activities, we hope you stay safe and enjoy! Many have links to give you some additional information. Putting this box together may take some time and effort, but WE PROMISE it will be worth it. You could be without power for days and these activities will keep your child happy and busy.

  • Flashlight tag
  • Campfire – put a lantern in the middle and sit around in a circle, telling stories or playing a game, can also make smores by candlelight!
  • Reading – read aloud together or spend time each reading on your own (depending on age) – use headlamp for this
  • Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Karaoke – portable CD player and anything can be used as a microphone
  • Make a fort to hang and hang glow sticks, tell stories in, read, sing songs
  • Draw pictures and cartoons
  • Make cards for friends and family
  • Color pictures in coloring books
  • Yoga – will help to relax any stress a power outage may bring
  • Make bracelets, key-chains or jewelry with strings and beads
  • Make picture frames, bird feeders and much more (put newspaper on ground or table)
  • Make kindness rocks or pet rocks (put newspaper on ground or table)
  • Play school, pictionary or draw on white boards
  • Board Games – a classic, but something that we don’t get to do enough
  • Make Origami 
  • Play madlibs
  • Puzzles – work together to create a puzzle masterpiece
  • Cards – Go Fish, crazy eights, war, first to 20, there are many to choose from!
  • Glow Bowling – with glow sticks as lanes, empty plastic bottles as pins and a small blow up ball.
  • Glow Mini Golf – set up a mini golf course around your house, have kids get through obstacles and get the ball into a plastic cup
  • Watch a movie on the portable DVD player (last case scenario)

Also, print out a list of gamest that do not require any equipment, just to have on reserve. Check out other great indoor games here. We wish everyone the best during their power outage, remember to remain calm and try to enjoy it!

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