Friday Fun! Lanyards Galore!

lacing-bradingOne of our favorite indoor activities at Pine Crest Day Camp is making lanyards.  You may have heard them called different things such as  scoubidou, Boondoggle, gimp or rexlace as well. But, whatever your name choice is, the fun and creativity is all the same. Campers spend lots of time crafting incredible key chains, bracelets and other creative designs. Today we are going to teach you how to make the classic square stitch (also called box knot or 4-way).  The classic square stitch is one of the simplest and most popular.

Square Stitchstep6.jpgMade from just 2 thin plastic strings

Need: 2 strands of plastic lace about 2-3 feet long (preferably different colors

Directions: Check out really amazing step by step with video directions here!

This is a great craft to make on the go, at events and just to occupy some spare time. It is easy to pick up and can make them anywhere. It is a fun craft to make (or for your kids to make). The square stitch in particular is great for beginners and easy to learn. Our campers let their creativity run wild with lanyards and have lots of fun along the way! We love seeing their amazing creations!
Check out this great website to find out how to create other stitches: Other Stitch Ideas

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