Fridays are for Fun!


Everyone loves Friday! It is the end of the week and start of your weekend. Even though everyday at Pine Crest Day Camp feels like Friday, we like to make Friday EXTRA SPECIAL! Every Friday afternoon we have special assemblies. Campers and counselors look forward to these each week! Sometimes the counselors perform a special show for the campers, other times the campers aimg_1592re involved with interactive games. We even have opportunities for cabin groups and campers to showcase their flare! The assembly gives us a chance to bring the whole camp and all the cabin groups together for some entertaining fun! Our assemblies are the last hour of the camp day. We gather together in our auditorium and enjoy our last hour of the week together. Some of the past assemblies we have had are: Magicians, Let’s Make a Deal, Counselor shows, Color Wars, Minute to win it, Lip sync battle, Dancing with the counselors, and a huge final assembly with a video/slideshow and awards. Every summer we are looking to make our assemblies bigger and better! We have a DJ staff member who makes the assemblies a true performance! We hope you come join our amazing camp and get the opportunity to experience our fun, fabulous and fantastic Friday’s!!


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