20 Things to do with Kids over Holiday Break

things-to-do-on-holiday-breakThe holiday break has just about arrived. At Pine Crest Day Camp, breaks are our favorite time of year! They are when children can relax from a scheduled, structured environment, learn more about their other interests, get creative and have fun! What are your child’s favorite things to do over breaks? We want to share 20 of our favorite things to do over holiday break! Comment below with some more fun ideas!

  1. Participate in a local walk or run for a good cause
  2. Plan a picnic (indoors if it is too cold outside)
  3. Go biking or sledding
  4. Have “cooking classes” in your kitchen
  5. Build something with a cardboard box
  6. Go hiking or walking in a new place
  7. Paint pictures
  8. Have a dance party
  9. Volunteer for an event or local charity
  10. Visit nursing homes and spread holiday cheer
  11. Make your own play-dough
  12. Play charades
  13. Create and have a scavenger hunt
  14. Get crafty!
  15. Do puzzles
  16. Have a magic show
  17. Create a new sport
  18. Have a family game night (or day)
  19. Put on a show
  20. Make awards and hand them out to friends and family (best smile, funniest, etc)

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